We are excited to open a relaxed urban style co-working studio in Remington! This is a dream come true to help serve your needs! We believe that your working environment makes a difference.

Our mission is to give you space to grow, dream and be inspired, make business connections or simply have a spot to get your work done.

Did you know -

According to the global co-working report, there are currently 3.1 million co-workers in the world and the number is forecasted to nearly double by 2022.
New York and London are the world's leading cities in terms of the number of new co-working spaces with roughly one opening up a week in New York and one every five days in London.

Work statistics globally show a move towards co-working spaces in favor of traditional offices. Why are more and more people taking the plunge and what are the benefits you can expect from joining the co-working revolution?

Let's find out!

1) Co-working reduces loneliness and makes workers happier. (from - Small Business Labs (GCUC's))
Of all the co-working stats we can throw at you, this might just be the most important one. A whopping 89% of co-workers say they feel happier after joining a co-working space and as many as 83% say it makes them feel less lonely. The cosy, relaxed nature of most co-working hubs contributes to social interactions and helps boost spirits at work.

2) Co-working creates more motivated and successful workers
According to GCUC's survey, 84% of co-workers say working in a co-working hub makes them more motivated. Other responses show that 69% say they have obtained new skills and 68% say their existing skills have improved since joining a co-working office space.

3) Co-working leads to better networking opportunities.
The survey by Smallbiz shows that 82% of respondents have expanded their professional network since joining a co-working office space. If you're looking to grow your network of professional contacts, joining a co-working hub may be just the ticket!

We area looking forward to serving our members needs with your very own co-working space at BRICKS!

Wendy Schwab - designer and operator BRICKS

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